Honouring Tradition and Embracing Innovation in Wood Mosaic Art

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In a world that’s constantly changing, it’s pretty special to be able to keep tradition alive while also evolving and trying new things. It’s exciting to combine traditional geometric wood mosaic art techniques with our creative innovations to create our unique artistic footprint.

The Timeless Craft of Wooden Mosaic Art

Wooden mosaic art has a long-standing tradition that dates back centuries, with artisans meticulously crafting intricate patterns and designs by assembling wooden pieces. This ancient practice involves a deep understanding of the characteristics of various wood types, including their grains, textures and colours, which are carefully selected to create visually interesting and enduring mosaic artworks.

We love taking inspiration from these traditional methods while infusing our work with a contemporary flair; this is reflected in our deliberate choice of locally sourced materials, with a particular emphasis on incorporating recycled and salvaged timber. Not only does this lend a unique character to our art, but it also aligns with our commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. By using these materials, we minimise our environmental footprint and contribute to the conservation of natural resources, promoting a more responsible and innovative approach to art and design.

Embracing Creative Freedom

Nurturing a philosophy of creative freedom allows us to approach our art organically and intuitively and adapt and experiment as we progress. During the building process, we play around with different colour palettes and swap out timber types, which helps us keep things dynamic and fresh. This approach ensures that each piece we create has its own unique character that speaks to art lovers and homeowners alike.

Stepping outside the boundaries of traditional shapes has been an exciting adventure, encouraging us to explore endless creative possibilities. This realisation inspired the creation of our Wave collection of wooden surfboards, embodying our love for the ocean and coastal living.

Understanding the pivotal role of colour in our artwork was essential, so we delved into the depths of colour theory, enabling us to leverage various hues and tones that add richness and vibrance to our art and make it stand out. We also use water-based stains and varnishes, not just to create intricate surface effects but also to reduce the use of toxic substances in our designs, honouring eco-friendly work practices.

Innovative Techniques for Wooden Mosaic Art

We’re always up for trying new things and exploring fresh techniques and materials. Whether using everyday items like watercolours or natural ingredients such as turmeric powder and beetroot juice, we love finding unique ways to create captivating visual effects on wood.

Here are some of the innovative techniques that we have used to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of our wooden mosaic artworks:

  • Experimented with mixed timber finishes
  • Incorporated elements from nature
  • Explored unconventional colour blends
  • Applied protective resin coatings


At the core of Studio Sarai’s ethos is the beautiful blend of tradition and innovation, where we aim to blend the richness of the past with the vitality of modern creativity. Browse our online store and explore our unique wood mosaic artworks and statement pieces, or contact us to commission something special.