The Beauty and Strength of Wood in Mosaic Art

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We have always been drawn to the natural beauty of timber and how it’s unique characteristics make it the perfect material for creating long-lasting and recognisable art. So, what is it about this material that makes it so special?

Why Use Wood for Mosaic Artwork?

Wood brings a timeless charm that can easily blend into any home, whether a classic vintage house or a modern urban pad. Almost everyone has at least one wooden piece of furniture in the house; a table, chairs, a bed, a console or even just little decor items on the mantle. The natural patterns and textures in wood add a cosy and warm touch to any interior making it such a wonderful material to use for artworks. And the incredible versatility of wood allows us to play around with various techniques and looks to create show-stopping artworks.

Strength that Withstands the Test of Time

It’s incredible how resilient wood is, and we can witness it everytime we work with it. The strong fibres provide a sturdy base for our intricate designs ensuring our artworks last a lifetime and can be enjoyed for years to come. Each piece tells its own story, showcasing the timeless beauty of wood as a lively and expressive medium for art.

The Eco-Friendly Choice for Sustainable Art

Besides its artistic value, wood is an eco-conscious choice for crafting art. We take pride in using locally sourced materials, particularly recycled and salvaged timber, to contribute to conservation and promote sustainable artistry.

Our Diverse Selection of Wood Materials

We are committed to incorporating diverse, high-quality materials into our wood mosaics. We always try to curate a range of wood types, each chosen for its distinctive qualities and visual appeal, including:

1. Recycled Timber:

Embracing sustainability and environmental consciousness, we repurpose reclaimed timber to infuse our creations with a rich history and a renewed purpose. We’ve worked with clients on creating bespoke wood mosaic art using treasured furniture or existing materials and even teach workshops to create wood mosaics at home using what you have.

2. Salvaged Wood:

By sourcing salvaged wood, we honour the material’s past life, adding a touch of nostalgia and character to our mosaic artworks.

3. Local Hardwoods:

Our use of local hardwoods highlights the region’s natural beauty, with each piece carefully selected for its unique grain patterns, textures and colour variations. Jarrah, Blackbutt, Gum and Karri are all beautiful timbers that add that native touch to our designs.

4. Exotic Woods:

Incorporating exotic woods adds an international touch to our collection, introducing diverse colours and textures that enrich the visual diversity of our artwork. We usually use exitic timber if we can get our hands on second hand furniture. We have incorporated old tables, chairs, benches and bed frames that way and always love the opportunity to reuse something so precious and saving it from landfill.

Where to Source Timber for Mosaic Wood Art

We love diving into all kinds of places to get the perfect pieces of wood for our work, from hunting through old furniture and salvaged floorboards to hitting up local joineries and carpentry spots.

As we’re big fans of native Australian wood, you’ll find us reaching for the rich jarrah, the sleek sheoak, the tough merbau, and the charming marri, which add that homey touch to our creations. And every now and then, we strike gold with some real gems like violin pine, coconut and African blackwood.

If you’re looking for where to source wood for mosaic art, try:

  • Online marketplaces like Facebook
  • Trash and treasure markets
  • Hard rubbish
  • Friends, family and neighbour’s sheds
  • Old furniture


You’ll be surprised at the treasures you can find, materials that are just waiting for a second life as a beautiful and unique artwork. Have a look at our online Wood Mosaic Art Workshops and learn how to create wood mosaics yourself, or browse our Online Store for available wood art designs.