About the Artist

Originally from Berlin, Sarai is a Perth based woodworker who has been living on the Australian West Coast since 2016.

Sarai designs and creates geometric wood mosaics using primarily recycled and reclaimed timber. Each piece is unique, with the patterns evolving as she starts working on a design. Sarai is self-taught and is always working on refining her woodworking skills and incorporating new materials in her artworks.

Inspired by nature’s symmetrical geometry, Sarai uses various timbers with different grain, textures, and colours to create intricate patterns and puzzles. In order to reduce waste, she incorporates salvaged materials such as construction offcuts, old furniture or building materials from local recycling yards.

Sarai works in collaboration with her customers to create unique commissioned artworks that correspond with her clients’ home and decor.

Upcoming Events:
23-25 July 2021 – St Mark’s Art Show
16 October 2021 – Perth Art Upmarket