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Berlin artist Sarai started her wood art journey in 2020 when she founded the Studio Sarai brand. Her husband Paul joined the business short after and together the couple design and create geometric wood mosaics from their Fremantle studio on the Australian West Coast.




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Sarai and Paul specialise in handcrafted and unique wooden decor using locally sourced materials such as recycled and salvaged timber. Each piece is meticulously built with close attention to detail, taking inspiration from nature’s symmetrical geometry to create distinctive patterns and puzzles.
Browse a wide selection of wood mosaics in the Studio Sarai online store, with artworks ranging from small decor designs to large statement pieces, all created with love and a passion for symmetry and of course, wood. Not only do Sarai and Paul strive for artistic excellence but they also set a strong focus on sustainability, reusing discarded materials in order to reduce their environmental footprint.

Sarai and Paul have created dozens of one-of-a-kind works of art since starting their creative journey and are showcasing their work in this unique portfolio. The couple draws inspiration from nature’s symmetrical geometry while every single piece is individually handcrafted using locally sourced materials such as recycled and salvaged timber. Sarai and Paul often incorporate splashes of colour into their designs to bring out the unique character in each of their artworks.

The portfolio compilation ranges from commissioned artworks to exclusive designs, all of which were created with meticulous attention to detail and precise crafts(wo)manship. Every Studio Sarai design evolves organically during the building process, making it impossible for any two wood mosaics to be identical. This allows the artists to provide their customers with truly special wall decor art that can’t be found anywhere else.


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