The History of Wood Mosaic Art: Let’s dive deep into the roots of this art form

Wooden Art Through the Centuries

Wooden wall art has been a favourite for ages, making our spaces feel warm and natural. From olden times to today, it’s been a staple in our homes.

Wood carving is super old, but because wood breaks down quicker than materials like stone, we don’t have many ancient wooden things left. We mostly see old woodwork in places of worship, like churches, and also in old furniture.

In the past, places like Egypt and Greece had some cool wooden designs in temples and houses. They showed off their artists’ serious skills.

Fast forward to the Middle Ages, and wood artists got even better. They made amazing wooden wall art, usually with religious stories. The Gothic time was big on detailed wood designs.

Then, during the Renaissance, painting on wood became trendy. Big names like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo even used wood for their famous art.

When Europeans started exploring new places, they took their love for wooden art with them. In places like North America, new homes had wooden designs that mixed European and local styles.

Wooden decor has stood the test of time and is still a primary way to decorate homes.

What are the more modern wall art types currently found in the art world?

There are many different types of wood decor, here is a list of what’s popular at the moment: 

  • Wood Carvings: Handcarving intricate designs into wood is a very old skill that is still done by many wood artists today. It can be found in a variety of styles, from traditional to modern and be part of furniture or home and wall decor.
  • Laser and CNC-cut designs: With today’s technology a lot of intricate woodwork can be achieved that is almost impossible to create by hand. Laser machines cut detailed patterns into plywood panels and create stunning images and puzzles.
  • Wooden accent walls: An entire wall made of wood. Feature walls are a great way to make a room stand out and capture everyone’s attention. From subtle designs to mesmerising 3D patterns, wooden accent walls are a brilliant way to add depth and texture to a space and transform the energy of a room.
  • Wooden World Maps: A popular current trend in the wood art industry are 3D wooden world maps. A unique way to pay tribute to a place or location that holds memories.
  • Wood Mosaics: Wood mosaic wall art is a modern adaption of parquetry, adding intricate patterns and colour to the classic designs that had so far only been used in floor design. Wood mosaics are becoming increasingly popular among home decorators and interior designers. 

Are wooden decor pieces still relevant today and displayed in homes?

Wooden wall art continues to thrive in our contemporary interiors. The revival of handcrafted and natural materials has sparked a new interest in wood as a medium for home decor and interior design. 

With a greater focus on sustainability and using natural materials in home decor, art lovers are more drawn to wooden decor than ever. Along with that comes an overall change in peoples’ mindset and the increased interest in supporting small local businesses rather than buying mass produced products. 

Wooden wall art is still a popular choice for decorating homes or commercial buildings; however, it is a much more unique choice compared to canvas art, paintings, prints and photographs, which are used in a more mainstream way of decorating interiors.