Comparing Wood Mosaics to Other Art Forms

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The most common reaction we get when people see our wood mosaics artwork is: “I have never seen anything like it!”

When you mention that you’re a wood artist, most people tend to picture wood carving, furniture making, or other wooden sculptures. When we attempt to describe our work, we often notice people looking confused as they try to visualise what wood mosaic art is. It’s a funny situation, and we usually resolve the mystery by showing them our portfolio on our phones.

What is Wood Mosaic Art?

Wood mosaic art is best described as geometric patterns or puzzles made of many small pieces of timber. When describing our work, we often refer to parquetry, which most people only know as a herringbone pattern in wooden flooring, but at least it draws the picture of wood pieces arranged in a geometric pattern. Wood mosaic art isn’t our invention, but it’s certainly a craft that has not found a mainstream following in Australia yet (don’t worry, we are working on that) and is rare enough that people still stop and look when they see our designs.

Wood mosaics are all about geometry, balance and precision. When creating our artworks, we use different types of timber to create depth and three-dimensional effects, which sets our work apart from paintings or drawings where artists rely on paint. We also incorporate colour, but that’s usually just to add a certain vibe to an artwork, e.g., farmhouse, coastal or Hampton style. Read more about how we create our wood mosaic artwork here.

Why is Wood Mosaic Art so Different
from Other Wall Art?

Let’s start with the fact that we’e not painting on canvas that’s probably our biggest difference to traditional wall decor. If I say ‘wall art’, you will most likely think of a framed canvas or print. Customers always tell us (I hear it a lot) that they just couldn’t find anything they liked and that everything they see is too mainstream and common. Many of our customers have that naked wall space that has been screaming for art for years, but they just can’t find the perfect piece.

When these customers finally stumble across our work, they experience that beautiful lightbulb moment ‘This is it! This is what I have been looking for!’ It’s such a wonderful feeling knowing that our work can spark such feelings of joy and relief about a quest that has finally come to an end. If you’ve been looking for unique artwork and are interested in a custom wood mosaic art for your home, contact us today.

Customers also tell us that they simply couldn’t agree on the right piece of art with their partner. Styles and preferences are very individual, and it can be hard to find common ground when picking suitable artworks for a home you share. Most of our female customers haven shared their struggles finding works that their husbands or boyfriends would approve of, but when they showed them our wood art pieces, like our Wave Collection of surfboards, they had a change of heart.

One significant difference to traditional wall art is that wood mosaic art is tangible. Not only can you see the natural grain in the materials, but you can also feel the texture of the different timbers, and you can smell the wood. Wood mosaic art is almost a mix of wall art and sculpture.

Why Do People Choose Wood Mosaic Art
to Decorate Their Homes?

Wood mosaic artworks are show-stoppers and conversation-starters. When I first started making wood mosaics, I had a piece on almost every wall in our house. I wasn’t running an art business then and didn’t know what to do with all the artworks I had created; hence, our house was a little gallery.

Friends would always comment on them, literally stop and study the patterns, and ask endless questions about the process, the tools I used, how I came up with the designs and why on earth I wasn’t selling them (that’s how the seed of starting a wood mosaic art business was planted, by the way). So, I knew that people were intrigued, and if all my friends were, then others might be too, right?

Another popular reason for customers to choose our work is the environmental factor. We recycle a lot of the timber we use and incorporate old furniture or construction timber into our designs. We save cutoff materials from landfill and try to leave a small footprint with our work. In this day and age, where people become increasingly conscious of the effects their choices have on the environment, this element of our work is important to many.

Ultimately, it all comes down to personal style, but the number one reason customers buy from us is the uniqueness of our work. People seem to love having something nobody else has or finding a new style that has not yet become mainstream. It makes them feel special, and I love that our art can evoke those feelings in people.

Can You Combine Wood Art
with Other Mediums?

Eclectic home décor is more popular than ever, and mixing styles and mediums is a great choice to bring modern vibes to your home. Most of our customers have other artworks in their rooms: paintings, prints, photography, the list is endless. Mixing materials can be just as exciting, with metal, glass or ceramic being the most popular choices, and all of them go great with wooden décor.

In fact, I have incorporated other materials directly into my designs a few times. A couple of years ago, I added coloured glass to my artworks, which created a wonderful contrast to the wood.

So, the short answer is yes, you can absolutely mix and match wood mosaic art with any other type of art. One word of advice is maybe just to stick with one style. A beachy blue or white wood mosaic might not be the best choice if you are into heavy and dark furniture and the whole mid-century modern look. We have created many custom designs to match our customers’ décor, so as long as you have a theme or palette, you can mix and match away.

If you’re looking for more creative ideas for using wooden wall art in your home décor, click here.

Will Wood Mosaic Art Become More Popular?

You never know what the future holds! Keep an eye on our social media for the latest updates and sneak peeks into our upcoming projects. And don’t forget to visit our shop to find the perfect wood mosaic artwork to add a special touch to your home.