Creating Sustainable Art with Recycled Wood

As artists we are committed to ethical practices, and on our journey exploring sustainable wood sourcing in Australia we have had some valuable insights that shape our artistic processes and can help fellow artists wanting to use reclaimed wood in their art.

The Benefits of Sustainable Wood
Sourcing for Artists

Sustainability is crucial for preserving our environment and nurturing a more ethical and responsible creative process, not only for artists of course, but for all other trades as well. At Studio Sarai, we deeply value sustainability and try to incorporate this mindset into our wood mosaic art pieces. Here are some of the key benefits of sustainable wood sourcing:

  • Environmental conservation and reduced deforestation
  • Promotion of ethical and responsible business practices
  • Support for local communities and businesses
  • Preservation of natural resources for future generations


Sustainable wood sourcing and recycling materials is critical to continue protecting our forests and preserving diverse ecosystems, reducing the harmful impact of deforestation on our environment. Our motto here is ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’. We are committed to ethical practices and dedicated to running our business with integrity while responsibly managing resources.

We often opt for materials from local recycling yards which is a great way to connect with the local woodworking community and allows us to support local businesses. Collaborating with local suppliers is a contribution to the well-being of our community to help create positive impacts in our neighbourhood

Our focus on sustainable wood sourcing is driven by a vision of preserving natural resources for the benefit of future generations. We have a toddler and another little one on the way and it is important to us to teach them that our materials don’t grow on trees (sorry, I had to, haha!). By prioritising sustainable practices such as reclaiming unused timber, using offcuts, sourcing leftover materials and researching sustainable suppliers, we aim to leave a positive legacy for the environment alongside our wood mosaic art, ensuring that resources remain available for the artists of tomorrow.

6 Ethical Ways to Source Sustainable Wood:
A Guide for Artists

Over the last few years, we’ve learned a lot about where to source timber from and what to look for when creating our wood mosaic art. I am happy to share some key pointers and tips for artists interested in integrating sustainable wood into their artworks while maintaining ethical standards:

1. Research Local Suppliers:

Engage with businesses and suppliers prioritising sustainable practices and ethical sourcing methods.

2. Choose Certified Wood:

Opt for certified sustainable wood options, ensuring the wood is sourced responsibly and adheres to environmental standards.

3. Support Fair Trade Practices:

Partner with suppliers or local businesses who prioritise fair trade practices and uphold ethical treatment of workers and communities involved in wood sourcing.

4. Emphasise Transparency:

Prioritise transparency in your sourcing process, ensuring your audience is aware of your commitment to ethical and sustainable wood sourcing.

5. Consider Environmental Impact:

Assess the environmental impact of your wood sourcing choices, aiming to minimise your carbon footprint and contribute to preserving natural resources.

6. And most importantly:

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle! Use wood that others don’t need and save valuable materials going to landfill.

Read more about these benefits in my blog post about Using Reclaimed Materials in Wall Art, including where you can source reclaimed wood from and sustainability tips for using recycled wood in your decor.

Sustainable Wood Mosaic Art Workshops

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the art of sustainable wood mosaics, now is your chance! We offer a Beginners and an Advanced online workshop that provide you with all the knowledge and tools to create wood mosaic art. In the Advanced Class we teach how you can turn old furniture and building materials into the wood pieces you need to create a wood mosaic artwork.

Check out our online workshop options today and take the first exciting step towards creating your own sustainable wood mosaic masterpiece.