Raising Dinosaurs

Should I Become a Chicken Blogger?

Some of you might have seen my Instagram post about my chickens a few weeks ago. Ironically, I got a notification from Instagram telling me that the post was doing 80% better than a lot of my other posts, and that was in terms of reach, likes, comments and other interactions. I wondered for a second if I should change careers and become a chicken blogger…

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Jacinda Adern


Why I Love Running My Business on Social Media

It is true though, every time I post something personal and not related to my business I get a lot of personal feedback from people and I absolutely love that human thought exchange.

I remember when I started Studio Sarai and began researching about how to run an art business on Instagram there were a lot of recommendations around mainly posting about your art, your account should evolve around your products, your feed should look consistent with images of your work, blah blah blah. I was frowning at the screen while reading those suggestions and felt a bit discouraged because I was really looking forward to not only sharing my work but also a little bit about myself. I wanted to make sure people knew who I was, I wanted to put a face to the ‘product’ (I dislike the word product, it sounds like I’m selling washing machines) and actually get to know the people who come to visit my page.


So I gave those suggestions a one-finger salute and started showing up as Sarai, with a messy bun, always covered in sawdust, and always with paint under my fingernails that no filter can hide. And it’s been great, using my stories to connect with you has been nothing but rewarding and I would not run my art business any other way.


What Does That have To Do With Dinosaurs?

Well, one part of being personable on social media is introducing you to my family. And our chooks are part of the Studio Sarai flock. The post I mentioned was a fun fact about chickens; they are, like all other birds, directly descended from dinosaurs. Which technically makes me a dinosaur Mama.

And here is a fun fact about the chickens in our family: We name all of our chickens after strong female characters. Our first three were Angela Merkel, Lady Gaga, and Madonna. And I kid you not, each of those chickens were 100% living up to their characters. Angela Merkel was the strongest chook I ever had, she had a beautiful orange plumage, very smart, strong headed, sometimes laid 2-yolk eggs and within days became the leader of the flock. Lady Gaga was a little Silky Bantam, she looked pretty outrageous most of the time, had the most beautiful song and was bullied when she was young but grew into a strong, confident chook. And Madonna was a diva, a bit annoying, a bit special, and always up to date with the latest feather fashion. And now we have Ruth Bader Ginsburg who likes to talk because she has a lot of important things to say and Jacinda Adern, she is a very happy and jolly chicken, always in a good mood and loves a good debate. Maybe you will meet them one day 🙂

Lady Gaga and I on my wedding day.

Lady Gaga after a big rain.

Madonna. The Queen of Chooks.

Lady Gaga and Angela Merkel having an argument. Angie always won.