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My First Piece

I think I saw a picture of a wood mosaic on Pinterest one day and the idea of making art using different types of timber to create patterns and puzzles immediately resonated with me. I love geometry and reoccurring patterns, especially the symmetric geometry in nature fascinates and intrigues me.

So I bought a little mitre saw and got to work, making every mistake possible, from not understanding how the angles work, using the wrong kind of timber, trimming the whole thing with a jigsaw and eventually having to attach beading to the frame to cover the massive gaps around the piece.

But I absolutely loved every second of the process, even the parts where things went wrong because it felt good using my new tool and creating something that was so tangible and to me was in the end so satisfying to look at. That’s what geometric patterns are for me, they are calming and relaxing, even the intricate detailed ones give me this sense of calm, of order and structure.

This was all long before I had a workshop, I set up my tools on our garden table and covered the entire backyard in saw dust. So worth it. I was hooked and haven’t stopped making these designs, I have my own Pinterest account now and am uploading wood art that I hope will spark other people’s creativity.

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